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The Quantifit® has a sleek look and features state-of-the-art technological advances, taking accuracy, speed, and reliability to a whole new level.

OHD Quantifit

3-minute respirator fit testing

With the OSHA-approved 5-step Redon Protocol, which can only be used with Controlled Negative Pressure technology (The FitTester 3000 and the Quantifit), a typical fit test can be completed in three minutes.

No Consumables

The Quantifit requires no alcohol solutions, wicks or probes to perform testing. Eliminates ongoing cost of consumables and headaches for required consumables for testing.

Not Environmentally Dependent

The Quantifit requires only Air and Power to perform testing. This technology advantage removes the requirement for specific areas with high enough particle counts or the generation of particles with candles, incense or salt fog.

Challenge Agent

The Quantifit uses air as a challenge agent. Air in the workplace or first response situation may contain particles, vapors or gases. Therefore, it is a much more rigorous test when the Quantifit uses air to challenge the respirator. If air can get in the respirator, there is a chance that gases and vapors can as well. Other methods only challenge the mask with particles or with a qualitative solution. Since the Quantifit uses air as a challenge agent, one can be assured of the most “health protective” fit test when using the Quantifit.

On-board data storage

The Quantifit can store 500 tests enabling the typical user to store more than a year’s worth of tests. The data can be downloaded to FitTrack Gold software or backed up to a memory stick for safe keeping.

USB keyboard and printer connection

The Quantifit is more automated, requiring less interaction with the user. And with clearer instructions and simpler operation, many users will be able to do a self-test with speed and ease.

Easy enough for subjects to test themselves

With the ability to connect a thumb drive or memory stick, data can be backed up or transferred to a computer with ease.

Increased automation during testing

The Quantifit automatically saves the test step when the minimum criteria is met. Better instructional screens also make the Quantifit easier to use and faster than ever.

USB Computer interface

Gone are the days of the old serial interface. Now, with USB connections, this operates the Quantifit through the included FitTrack Gold, or it can be used for data transfer into FitTrack Gold after the testing has been completed.

Firmware upgrades and improvements may be downloaded from the Internet

Whenever changes and improvements are made to the Quantifit, there is no need to send it in for an upgrade. The upgrades are easily downloaded and applied online.

Updated easy-to-read display

Backlit and set at an optimum angle, glare is eliminated, and the display can easily be read in any lighting condition.

Smaller and lighter

The Quantifit has a modern design and is smaller and lighter than the FitTester 3000. With an ergonomic handle, it’s easy to move quickly.

Quieter operation

Because of technological advances in microprocessing, you won’t even know the

Quantifit is running.

Optical knob for easier menu navigation
The optical knob allows the user to run through the menus with ease. For long lists to wade through, the faster the knob is turned, it incrementally moves forward faster. The knob also acts as an “enter” key, requiring only two fingers for operation.

World-wide universal power connection

The power cord has its own transformer. To work with different voltages, the user only needs to change the portion that connects to an electrical outlet.

More audio feedback during testing

More feedback aids in determining if a particular test has failed, or if the user is performing an incorrect action.


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