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Premier Safety offers gas-detection monitors from the leading manufacturers in the industry. From confined space to Hazmat, we can assist you with choosing the right detection method for your department.

We also provide service and repair services for instrumentation and equipment, including warranty work and preventative-maintenance programs, performed to manufacturers’ specifications by our in-house certified technicians.

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ISC Ventis™ Pro4 and Ventis Pro5

The Ventis® Pro Series Ventis™ Pro4 and Ventis™ Pro5 make owning and using gas detectors easy with multiple configurable and customizable settings. Both monitors offer a variety of sensor options with flexible slot positions to help detect combustible and toxic gases across a range of applications. Address recurring alarms, identify hazards, and improve asset management by assigning users and sites to each gas monitor in real time with iAssign™ Technology. Quickly make sense of data by knowing who had an instrument and where it was during an alarm. Manage assets more efficiently by viewing iAssign data to see who last used an instrument before it went missing.

DSX Docking Stations

DSX Docking Stations One docking station with three options of data storage and features. Effortlessly manage your fleet, data, and software updates from any web-enabled device. Available as a standalone unit (DSX), cloud-connected (DSXi) or local server connected (DSX-L). DXSi can monitor and order replacement gas cylinders when you need them.


The ALTAIR 5X Gas Detector is capable of measuring up to six gases simultaneously and is now available with integrated PID sensor for VOC detection. Driven by advanced MSA XCell® Sensor Technology, the ALTAIR 5X Gas Detector delivers faster response time, better stability, accuracy, longer service life and cost savings over the life of the instrument.

Extech EZ40: EzFlex™ Combustible Gas Detector

The Extech EZ40 EzFlex Combustible Gas Detector has a 16 inch gooseneck for easy access into hard to reach locations. Detector has a high sensitivity and a one hand operation with thumb controlled sensitivity adjustments to eliminate the background gas levels. It has a visible and audible alarm at 10% (LEL) lower explosive limited for methane. This gas detector will help you locate the smallest leaks. Complete with 3 C batteries.

RKI GX-6000

The GX-6000 is a rugged personal PID gas monitor built for the nastiest environments. Most noteworthy, it is equipped with a removable impact-resistant rubber boot. Equipped with a strong internal sample pump, a man-down alarm, a panic alarm, an LED flashlight, and large auto rotating LCD display, the GX-6000 can operate as a single gas PID unit or a multifunctional tool utilizing all 6 channels.

RKI GX-2009

The smallest and lightest 4-gas portable multi gas detector in the world. Weighing only 4.6 ounces, it fits in the palm of your hand (2.75” H x 2.95” L x .98” D). The GX-2009 simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. The GX-2009 represents the latest evolution of gas detection technology.

RAE Systems MicroRAE

The MicroRAE™ is a wireless multi-gas diffusion monitor that simultaneously measures up to four gases, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and combustibles (LEL). With its multiple wireless connectivity options the MicroRAE can deliver real-time instrument readings location and alarm status to other wireless solutions such as ConneXt Plus, ConneXt Pro, ConneXt Loneworker and Safety Communicator.

RAE Systems AreaRAE Pro

For years, you’ve relied on AreaRAE as a first line of defense. As the threats have evolved, our technology has, too. Today’s AreaRAE Pro wireless multi-gas, multi-threat detector is equipped with more sensors, more versatility, and more insight into threats happening in real-time—arming you with the information you need when seconds count.

RAE Systems MiniRAE 3000

The powerful sample pump draws through up to 100 feet of tubing horizontally or vertically. And the optional built-in Mesh Radio enables real-time monitoring of instrument readings wirelessly. Another option is Bluetooth, which can relay readings and alarm status up to 2 miles to a RAELink 3 wireless transmitter. A built-in flashlight to help navigate in darker environments and an IP 65/67 dust-tight and water-proof housing all add up to a device that performs reliably even in harsh conditions.

Calibration Gas

Premier Safety is committed to providing customers with accurate and reliable calibration gas standards. We offer a complete line of calibration gas, carrying cases and equipment for safety, industrial hygiene, and instrument maintenance personnel.

Whether you are calibrating monitors for confined space entry, leak detection, area monitoring, combustion efficiency, or any other gas monitoring application, we have the expertise to supply your calibration needs.

Why are Calibration Gases so Important?

OSHA reports that: “Gas monitoring instruments are designed to protect personnel from unseen hazards that may exist in the workplace environments, including confined spaces. It is vital to worker safety that these instruments are maintained and calibrated properly.

Instrument inaccuracy due to improper or irregular calibration can lead to serious accidents. Exposure to excessive levels of toxic gas or an oxygen-deficient environment can cause workers serious illness and even death. Combustive gas explosions are often catastrophic, injuring or killing personnel and destroying property.

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), founded in 1933, is a trade association for manufacturers of protective equipment, including environmental monitoring instruments. The ISEA recommends, at a minimum, verification of sensor accuracy before each day’s use.

The only way to guarantee that an instrument will detect gas accurately and reliably is to test it with a known concentration of gas. Exposing the instrument to a known concentration of test gas will show whether the sensors respond accurately and whether the instrument alarms function correctly”.

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