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Avon Protection offers the world’s smallest NFPA1801 certified high-resolution thermal imager; a small format thermal imager that can be easily and comfortably held in the palm of your hand.

The Mi-TIC 320

Part of the argus range of thermal imaging cameras and is the world’s smallest NFPA 1801 certified high res-olution thermal imager for fire fighting applications. The camera provides a crystal clear image with a superb dynamic range: you can clearly view extremely high temperatures without whiteout, and at the same time still see very low temperature objects, which is ideal for casualty searches.

Weighing approximately 750g (26oz) the Mi-TIC 320 is a small format thermal imager that can be easily and comfortably held in the palm of your hand. Unlike many thermal imagers, the Mi-TIC 320 design allows it to be worn in multiple ways – in the hand, inside a pocket, clipped outside a pocket, clipped to a lanyard or hung around the neck.

With a thumb operated green on/off button and superb start up time of 5 seconds, the Mi-TIC 320 is simple to use.

The Mi-TIC 320 has Class I, Division 2 Non Incendive certification. The use of Lithi-um Iron Phosphate technology ensures the Mi-TIC 320 delivers 3 hours of battery life over 1,000s of cycles. They are inherently safe due to the use of patented nanophosphate® technology.

When visibility is extremely poor, firefighters need the tools to better comprehend changing heat conditions. Thermal imaging products from Bullard provideS a range of viable solutions.

Bullard® Thermal Imagers

Bullard thermal imagers have all the features you expect. Our difference is that we design these features to work in concert with the task of firefighting. Colors on our Super Red Hot colorization are constant and predictable, enabling firefighters to better comprehend changing heat conditions and isolate the seat of the fire. Colors disappear only when the threat diminishes.

The Bullard QXT is loaded with advanced features including Super Red Hot colorization, intuitively highlighting high-heat scenes in brilliant shades of yellow, orange, and red, and temperature measurement in numeric and relative heat indicator formats. Optional features include Bullard’s exclusive Electronic Thermal Throttle®, which enables firefighters to optimize scenes with the touch of a button, 2X/4X Digital Zoom that allows firefighters to get closer to the action, and Bullard’s SceneCatcher Digital Video Recorder that allows firefighters to capture five hours of video and store hundreds of still images.


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